GENRE: Drama/Thriller
DIRECTOR: Jon Keeyes
CAST:  Michael Ironside, Steven Michael Quezada, Paul Stewart

While returning from dinner one evening, financial advisor NORTH MAXFIELD (Paul Stuart) is shot and his wife GINNY (Angeline Rose Troy) is murdered during a violent encounter. Unable to remember details of both the evening and much of his past, he turns to deep trance hypnosis in hopes of finding answers to why it happened. While under the care of hypnotherapist DR. SARAH CARLSON (Mollie Milligan), North reconnects with his wife in an alternative reality and begins to uncover dark secrets about his own life. As his imagined world and real life begin to interfere with one another, his loyalty to a high profile client is called into question by his boss CARL (Stephen Michael Quezada, Breaking Bad) and a mysterious new associate JOE (Michael Ironside, Top Gun). Lonely, paranoid and driven by the desire to avenge his wife’s death, North finds his fate caught in the balance between a mysterious new woman, ANNA (Susana Gibb), and THE MESSENGER (Velinda Godfrey), his ethereal guide in the trance world. With time running out to discover the truth, North realizes the answers to the mystery will either save him or kill him.


GENRE: Horror
DIRECTOR: Mitchel A. Jones
CAST:Nicole Kruex, Aaron Courteau

A survivor of warfare born chemical attack, Cassie Becker faces a new world of terrible realization. The Human race has suffered terrible recourse in the wake of an attack that never should have been leaving the remaining inhabitants in a state far less than human.

after the dawn

GENRE: Horror
DIRECTOR: Andrew P. Jones
CAST:Charlie Koontz, Jeffrey Johnson, Linara Washington

A group of ghost hunters must up their game to compete in the competitive world of paranormal TV shows, leading them to a truly haunted prison with a grisly past that proves to be more than they bargained for.

the haunting of cellblock 11

GENRE: Comedy
DIRECTOR: Stewart Wade
CAST:Michael Urie, Randy Harrison, Scott Wolf, Ana Ortiz

"Such Good People" is screwball comedy about a couple (Michael Urie & Randy Harrison) who discover a secret room filled with cash while house-sitting for celebrity philanthropists (Scott Wolf & Kate Reinders) who die under mysterious circumstances overseas.

such good people

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